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Attendance?!!( for SCOE ,pune)

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Attendance?!!( for SCOE ,pune) Empty Attendance?!!( for SCOE ,pune)

Post  aditya Sun Oct 12, 2008 12:17 pm

ok ... this is a question for the seniors

how strict is the dept. really about attendance? i had heard in F.E that the comp dept. is really not that obssessed with attendance and that anythin above 65 pc goes. But from what ive judged uptil now nothin below 75pc is gud enuf.
im in se3 and my tg is prof. Bholane...and he seemed pretty serious about 75pc... so may be it depends upon the staff member or sumthin... answers?


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Attendance?!!( for SCOE ,pune) Empty Re: Attendance?!!( for SCOE ,pune)

Post  aniket Mon Oct 13, 2008 4:55 am

Ok dude, there's one simple answer to it. It all depends on your luck! I'm a guy who's featured in all defaulter lists and even topped the list in se Twisted Evil

I've had days in FE when bcoz of 65% i had to sit back to get attend extra attendence that one hr/attendence system an my parents had to meet the principal, and in SE i did my submission on 1st day wid 50% attendence. king

It all depends on the teachers who take your prac, and mostly on ur tg, no matter who he/she is, if you are good on terms you get goin at anything but if u r bad in terms, like me, even 65-70 % can get u in trouble.

I'm 65% in TE an lets see how this term goes, but ya luckily comp is the best (in all terms) geek no doubt on it.

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Attendance?!!( for SCOE ,pune) Empty Don't you worry....

Post  Quicksilver Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:19 pm

Attendance is never a big deal in a usual scenario... In a usual case the person with the lowest attendance in the class (with no particularly strong reason for have such an attendance) is detained. The rest with attendance below 50 are asked to pay fines; those above 50 are made to do assignments and the ones above 75%....well.... have a pretty smooth journey.   But this time, as quite a few of your friends might have experienced, the fines were pretty hefty. What we here think is this: All colleges were to remain closed for the period of the CYG...but almost none did. This resulted in the Pune Univ. putting up huge fines on all colleges including ours, which the authority passed on to us. Now this all is just speculation, call it the "Canteen table talk". But Aniket is right... Having a good rapport with your TG definitely helps. I hope you are not so badly stuck anyways...If you have any more of such queries keep writing. I'll be here (I just finished my submissions... Whew!!!)Regards,Quicksilver

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Attendance?!!( for SCOE ,pune) Empty Re: Attendance?!!( for SCOE ,pune)

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