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Post  yolife on Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:06 am

Hey can you tell me abt latest high tech. things ...!!!


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latest computer gadgets... Empty kiwi linux released...

Post  yolife on Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:09 am

A few days ago, the Kiwilinux team announced the release of the latest version of their Linux distribution. Kiwi 8.04 has some nice features, like the support for the Speedtouch USB ADSL modem, and also includes by default the necessary packages to play restricted video, audio and Flash formats.

The software repositories for Kiwi and Ubuntu are much the same with one source extra for Kiwi, required for some minor differences with some packages. The major advantages are that it's relatively easy to change to or from Ubuntu, and also that Kiwi benefits from all the security updates of the former, as these are fetched automatically.

Although they are similar in many ways, the two distros do have some notable differences. For instance, Kiwi 8.08 has a different default mail client (Mozilla Thunderbird) and music player (Audacious) from Ubuntu's Evolution and Rhythmbox. Apart from that, Kiwi 8.08 comes with two very useful packages: unrar (a freeware program for extracting and viewing the contents of archives created with the WinRAR archiver) and msttcorefonts (which allows the installation of the Microsoft True Type Core Fonts for the Web).

Here is the complete list of differences from Ubuntu 8.04.1:

Packages up to date as of August 28, 2008;
Thunderbird as the default mail client and Audacious the music player;
All gstreamer codecs and flashplugin-nonfree;
Compiz extra settings GUI;
msttcorefonts and unrar;
a graphical application designed to restore GRUB boot menus lost after installing other OSes;
mc (midnight commander);
12Mb of space have been cleared by removing the on-CD package archive.

About Kiwi Linux:

Kiwi is an Ubuntu-based distribution for the x86 processor family that comes on a live CD. It features numerous tools such as Flash plugin for Firefox, multimedia codecs, support for encrypted DVD, PPPoE GUI for an easier access to local ISPs, and Romanian and Hungarian localization. As for language support, the current version includes on the CD only English, German, French, Romanian and Hungarian.

Get Kiwi 8.08 right now from Softpedia.


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latest computer gadgets... Empty linux on usb...

Post  yolife on Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:12 am

Ubuntu LiveUSB description

Ubuntu LiveUSB is a tool to create a bootable Live USB stick from the running Ubuntu Live CD.
Ubuntu LiveUSB is a tool to create a bootable Live USB stick from the running Ubuntu Live CD.

Here are some key features of "Ubuntu LiveUSB":

Detects available USB sticks (using HAL) and asks user which one to use
Partitions USB stick with 1 partition
Sets partition bootable
Writes MBR to USB stick
Formats partition FAT16
Installs bootloader (syslinux) to partition
Writes bootloader configuration file
Copies necessary files from running Live CD to USB stick
Sets language and keyboard of USB Live system to match running Live CD
Optionally: Downloads and integrates Adobe Flash Player


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latest computer gadgets... Empty latest fedora 9 is awesome !!!

Post  yolife on Mon Sep 01, 2008 9:16 am

What is Fedora?
Fedora is all about freedom and rapid innovation.

Fedora is a Linux based operating system that provides users with access to the latest free and open source software, in a stable, secure and easy to manage form. We strongly believe in the bedrock principles that created all the components of our operating system, and because of this we guarantee that Fedora will always be free for anybody, anywhere, to use, modify and distribute.

Fedora is a center for innovation in free and open source software, and creates a community where developers and open source enthusiasts come together to advance free and open source software. The Fedora community contributes everything it builds back to the free and open source world and continues to make advances of significance to the broader community, as evidenced by the regular and rapid incorporation of its features into other Linux distributions.

Fedora is more than just software, though. It is a community of contributors from around the world who work with each other to advance the interests of the free culture movement. Everyone is invited to join, and no matter what your skills are, we have a place for you in our community! The Fedora community includes software engineers, artists, system administrators, web designers, writers, speakers, and translators -- all of whom will be happy to help you get started.

Who uses Fedora?
Linus Torvalds, the creator and primary maintainer of Linux does
NASA systems
Roadrunner, the number one Supercomputer in the world
Over a hundred derivative distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OLPC
Even some Robots do
Millions of other users
What makes Fedora different?
We try to always do the right thing, and provide only free and open source software. We will fight to protect and promote solutions that anyone can use and redistribute. With this in mind, all of our developers are focused on working closely with upstream, so everyone can benefit from our work and get access to our changes as soon as possible. Due to the huge amount of innovation that Fedora drives, this focus has had significant and long lasting effects. Some of the recent developments in free and open source software that Fedora has driven include:

The reverse is also true: by sticking close to upstream development teams, Fedora often gets the latest software before anybody else. Not only does this benefit our community, but it also benefits the upstream teams by providing a much larger audience and more feedback for them.

Another striking difference of Fedora is our goal to empower others to pursue their vision of what a free operating system should be like. Fedora now forms the basis for derivative distributions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux , the One Laptop Per Child XO and Creative Commons' Live Content DVDs.

And that's not all. It is just as easy for individuals to create their own distribution, thanks to Fedora's easy spinning tools . These tools allow you to quickly select the packages you want, and create live images for CD/DVD or USB, or installation discs. Some official versions of Fedora have grown up this way, including:

Fedora Electronic Lab
Fedora Xfce Spin
Fedora Developers Spin
Fedora Games Spin
How do I get Fedora?
Easy, just visit this page and download it. You can try it without installing anything on your computer, thanks to our Live images on CD or USB - in fact, you can even create a Live USB stick from within Windows !

If you have a slow internet connection, or no internet connection at all, then you can still get Fedora thanks to our volunteer Free Media program.

How do I join Fedora?
Like what you see and want to help out? That's easy too! This page has all the information you need, and don't forget that all our contributors get access to some awesome tools to help them get their work done:

Fedora People provides free webspace for hosting Fedora related content
Fedora Planet is an aggregation of contributor blogs so you can see what everyone is up to
Fedora Hosted is the perfect location for hosting your free and open source projects
Fedora's own Gobby server , so we can collaboratively work on documents in real time
Fedora Build System to build your software across multiple architectures
The skills and experience of hundreds of fellow Fedora contributors!


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