Web-Camera's with Wireless Spider-cam

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Web-Camera's with Wireless Spider-cam Empty Web-Camera's with Wireless Spider-cam

Post  Piyush on Sun Aug 17, 2008 5:42 am

When you think about a web camera the first thing strikes your mind is a black round dot glaring at you embedded inside a round or cube like box having a wire at its back which connects the thing with the PC. Braking the current trend, Phillips has redefined the way that webcams exist currently with their new monster-spider shaped camera.

Web-Camera's with Wireless Spider-cam Webcam-26onm-3342

They have launched a spider shaped camera which is having no wires. The camera connects to the PC via Bluetooth 2.0 This camera can be tilted to adjust the camera angles. It has a weird shape like the monsters we see in sci-fi movies who try to destroy the earth. Fortunately, this thing just looks like it but does not have a destructive mind. It is bundled with a USB Bluetooth 2.0 dongle, though you can use your inbuilt or other Bluetooth adapters also.

Web-Camera's with Wireless Spider-cam Webcamorthographic-doknc-3342

The camera is made up of ABS and Polypropylene and stands on its three balanced legs. This high-definition camera is light-weight and is surely for those who love to show around their house while on a video call. As seen in the picture above it is having a green light below the camera which indicates whether the camera is on or off. The upper portion of camera is flexible which makes it easy to adjust the position of camera, which is a major problem with the current cameras. The wireless freedom experienced with this camera, sounds good but it may be limited to just 10 meters from the PC as the Bluetooth quality drops with increasing distance.

Not much info about cost and the real specs are currently available about the camera but the concept is really good and unique, now lets see if it works out in market or not.


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