client and server topology

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Post  yolife on Fri Aug 29, 2008 11:24 am

A server is the host selected to administrate the networking. In the client / server topology, clients connect to the server and send it all their data to for handling or routing. When the authority model is client / server, the clients defer decision-making and other game logic to the server. In some designs, the server is simply a dedicated process on a well-advertised host that performs routing or decision making without actually participating in the game.
Internet games prefer this model for two very basic reasons: performance and simplicity. Since messages are only sent to the server, both bandwidth and latency depend on the link quality between the client and server. Also the server is the sole authority and runs the bulk of the simulation, so clients don't need much game logic -- they can even be "dumb terminals," polling inputs and rendering graphics. Finally, the size of client / server simulations are bounded only by the network and processing power of the server. Evil or Very Mad Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Laughing Cool


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client and server topology Empty client and server topology

Post  saurabh saxena on Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:17 pm

as the name suggest that a client is someone who requests for something...and the server is something which provides the requested networking also they have the same meaning...a client is a machine which is requesting for some particular matter from a server...and a server is a machine which completes the request of the client.basically servers are of two types :-
1)permanent servers
2)temporary servers(peers)
permanent servers are the servers of some website...they are on all the time i.e.24X7..they are never to be shut down...while the temporary servers are a part of peer-to-peer system..suppose u r using some software like limewire..u make a search for a movie..when u find it u start downloading the computers from which u r downloading are temporary servers and u r acting as a temporary client..this is called a peer-to-peer system.
saurabh saxena
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