Wii, PS3 or XBox 360?

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Which gaming console do you own?

Wii, PS3 or XBox 360? Vote_lcap30%Wii, PS3 or XBox 360? Vote_rcap 30% 
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Wii, PS3 or XBox 360? Vote_lcap5%Wii, PS3 or XBox 360? Vote_rcap 5% 
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Wii, PS3 or XBox 360? Vote_lcap5%Wii, PS3 or XBox 360? Vote_rcap 5% 
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Wii, PS3 or XBox 360? Empty Wii, PS3 or XBox 360?

Post  Quicksilver on Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:52 pm

Gaming is something that most people buy a computer for. But why go for a PC when you can buy dedicated hardware ( A Gaming Console) at half the price for the same purpose?
Now the million dollar question: Which of gaming console should you go for? Before the launch of the XBox 360 this question was met with only one answer - The Sony Playstation 2. But the recent launches from various console manufacturers have made this a tough call. The options that are to be considered are:
Microsoft XBox 360
Sony Playstation 3
Nintendo Wii

Lets quickly review our options;

XBox 360 -
The Microsoft offering has been around for the longest span of time now (launched in Nov 05) and has sold a whooping 19 million units as of april 08. There are avalilable 'flavors': Core (discontinued), Arcade (Base Version - no hard drive), Premium/Pro (20GB/60GB versions), Elite (Top end). The XBox 360 elite features a 120 GB, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) all packaged in a sexy matte black finish casing with a bundled headset that matches the system's black finish. The game pads can be wired/wireless depending upon the amount of moolah that you can splurge. What really sets the the XBox 360 apart is that you can rip music onto its hard-drive, stream music from MP3 players using the USB 2.0 port provided or use it as a DVD player. The XBox 360 also features online support provided at Xbox Live. The early versions of this console ran into quite a few hardware malfunctions specifically the Red Ring of Death (RRoD) also there were reports of how XBox 360 sets were bricked after a update provided by Microsoft was provided. The later versions of the console have not reported such troubles though. Being the oldest of the lot has it advantages - The XBox 360 console features the largest selection of gaming titles for a console between the three featuring Halo 3 which is the hottest selling title for this conlsole till date. A coulpe that with a price tag that starts from US $279.99 - the XBox 360 is truly a delectable offer.

Sony Playstation 3 -
For the die-hard PS2 fans this will come as a shock - the PS3 turns turtle on all the hype it generated before its launch. The tallest among the three competitors was welcomed with harsh press reviews on its launch alongside the Wii and an year after the Microsoft offering. The console ranked 8th on the "Top 21 Tech Screwups of 2006" - an article in the PC world magazine for being "Late, expensive and incompatible". Priced a $ 499 a pop it IS expensiveOne of the metionable features of the PS3 are its Blue-Ray Disc support - which was once countered by the XBox 360's HD-DVD support which was later discontinued. The PS3 has been introducec into the market with the motive of making PC gamers shift to the PS3 console. Just plug in a USB keyboard and mouse and you have a basic personal computer running with Linux that comes with the console. There are speculations that the games currently available for the PS3 are unable to tap the full potential of the console. Though the number of gaming titles that the PS3 has to offer are still less compared to the XBox 360 they certainly are formidable. Metal Gear Solid - Sons of Liberty, God of War, Gran Turismo, Devil May Cry, Grand Theft Auto 4 are few of the mentionables. With major titles like Final fantasy XII slated for release, the sales of PS3 are expected to pickup.

Nintedo Wii -
Enter the smallest console (formfactor wise) of the Console Titans. Nintendo Wii has been the most successful consoles out of the three - if sales graphs are to be belived. The Wii wins handsdown for its low price at $ 250. To chew into its competitors' markets it has the Wii Remote which when paired with the Nunchuk Controller provides one of the best gaming experience at affordable prices. The Wii remote is designed such that it allows users to control the game using physical gestures as well as traditional button presses. In addition, an attachable wrist strap is provided to prevent the player from unintentionally dropping or throwing the Wii Remote. In response to incidents of strap failure, in which players actually hurled their remotes at the TV screens, Nintendo is offering a free, stronger replacement for all straps. On the negative side some Wii players have occasionally experienced a form of tennis elbow referred to as "Wiiitis". Also the Wii doesnt support DVD playback nor does it have a hard drive. Also the titles available on the Wii are not notewothy.

The Conclusion -
The Wii is a step...nay a leap in enhancing user experince but doesn't register any significant improvement in the Graphics department. For those who don't want to burn a hole in their pockets Wii is the right console. The PS3 shows the promise of a better tomorrow. For now, for those with cash to spend, the XBox 360 is the best option.

For a more comprehesive comparison of the hardwares of the three consoles visit the undermentioned link -

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Wii, PS3 or XBox 360? Empty Re: Wii, PS3 or XBox 360?

Post  aniket on Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:30 am

XBOX rocks and its too cool to play on ur LCD.
I'd go for PS3 too. but wii isn't ma type.

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