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concept of proxy server Empty concept of proxy server

Post  saurabh saxena on Mon Sep 08, 2008 8:38 am

whenever you come across this word first thing comes to mind is internet.As the name itself suggests its a fake server. the thing is proxy server is nothing but a web-cache..or u can say that its just another cache memory outside ur computer machine.the proxy server accepts HTTP requests on behalf of the origin server .
for example consider one URL
1.the browser establishes a TCP connection to the proxy server and sends an HTTP request for the object to the proxy server
2.the proxy server first searches for the requested object in its own memory if it has the copy of the requested object it will forward that object to the user.
3.if the proxy server does not have the copy of the requested object then it will opens the TCP connection to the origin server i.e. proxy server then sends HTTP request to the origin server then origin server completes the request and sends the object to the proxy server,then the proxy server keeps one copy in its memory sends the other copy to the user.
Basically a proxy server reduces the response time for a client request,particularly when there is less bandwidth between the client and the origin server than the client and the proxy server.
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